You are AADD

A moving introduction to All About Developmental Disabilities and the services and programs we provide. The run time for this video is 5:41.

Why Waivers Are Important

Nandi, a young women with Down syndrome, shares what having a waiver means to her. Run time for this video is 1:48.

Tour Our Family Support Center

AADD executive director Kathy Keeley provides a brief introduction to our Family Support center created to provide support and services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. The run time for this video is 1:06.


Meet several young adults who have different developmental disabilities and who, because of waivers and other supports, have been able to live independently, have a job and participate in their local communities. Learn why government funding for waivers is beneficial to the entire community and why you should advocate to stop the waiting list. Currently, as of 2014, there are 7,000 persons on the waiting list for these supports in Georgia. Run time for this video is 5:12.

Funding for Post Secondary Education for People with Developmental Disabilities

WXIA reports on Jan. 30, 2013. Run time is 2:19.

Employing People of of the Heart: People with Developmental Disabilities

Oct. 15, 2015. Run time is 4:31.

Learn how employing people with developmental disabilities not only helps individuals but also impacts employers and the community for good.