FAQ’s on Supported Employment

What is Supported Employment?
Supported Employment entails the provision of supports for an individual with disabilities to obtain and maintain desired employment.  AADD’s Supported Employment program works to empower individuals with disabilities through networking with community businesses for the development of jobs that may be created, adapted, or restructured to specifications of the individual’s capabilities. Once a job is secured, supports are provided through job coaching and job training for maintaining the job.

Do we guarantee jobs?
While we cannot guarantee jobs, we provide supports that enhance an individual’s options in their sincere and earnest desire to be gainfully employed.  Training is provided for job readiness skills including resume development, appropriate dress, interview preparation, etc.

How long does the employment support last?
Employment support lasts as long as a participant is in services.  New jobs usually require more support until the participant is oriented appropriately.  Once this has happened, ongoing support is provided with every effort made for the participant to maintain the job.

What are the minimum standards to receive employment services?

  • A desire to work
  • Ability to complete a task consistently
  • Able to respond to instruction and feedback

What makes employment easier to find?

  • Dependability/hygiene/positive attitude/responsible for chores and other routine tasks
  • Support from family/caregivers
  • Stability

What services does AADD provide?

  • Supported and Customized Employment, including:
    • Vocational evaluation / Discovery
    • Job Readiness Workshops
    • Job Placement/Negotiation/Development
    • Job Coaching

How do individuals access employment services?

  • Private Pay/Endowment/Scholarship
  • Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency