All About Advocacy

Advocacy is the act of supporting and promoting an individual or cause.

AADD trains and supports advocates throughout the state to work for change on behalf of people with and issues related to developmental disabilities.

    • Advocates are trained to effectively educate, inform, and persuade concerning issues and services for individuals with developmental disabilities.


    • Advocates can be anyone – they can be an individual with a disability, a parent, a family member, a friend or anyone desiring to make a difference.


    • Advocates champion ideas, goals, and needs in a variety of ways.


    • Advocates work for change for the individual, in the community and in overall public policy.

AADD offers several advocacy workshops throughout the state year-round, online webinars and additional group training upon request.

Advocacy In Action








    • Recruit your friends, family members, and neighbors to contact their legislator, draft an email, post something on Facebook, come to a press conference and join our advocacy mailing list

If you are interested in getting involved in one of these advocacy opportunities, please email us at

Training Schedule & Opportunities

Visit our event calendar for the latest advocacy trainings and opportunities.

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