We focus on three important life cycle transitions:

Additionally, when families face the loss of a parent care provider, we can step in to help siblings understand the critical issues and develop a plan for long term care.

Services Include:

Transition Planning

Transition Planning

Person-Centered Plans: Led by trained facilitators, AADD can help your family create a life plan for the next three years.

Customized Plans: Every family has different needs. That’s why AADD created the customized plan!

Families come to us with some very specific goals in mind:

  • “My son wants to work”
  • “My daughter would like to live independently”
  • “My son needs to practice some social skills”
  • “My daughter is interested in some kind of post-secondary education option”

We design a plan to help.

A customized plan is built around your family and its very unique needs. A consultant will perform an assessment, draft an implementation plan on how to accomplish your family’s goals, and will work with the family until the goals are completed.

We specialize in young adults (post high school) that are transitioning into adulthood and need a plan for independence and a meaningful, quality life.

Futures Planning and Special Needs Trusts: We have a network of attorneys, financial advisors, and CPAs that can help your family plan for the future.

For more information, please contact our office at 404.881.9777 or email Rosalyn Morris at Rosalyn@aadd.org.