Employment Assistance

AADD has been providing job assistance through our outreach department for years; however, we’ve expanded to include supported and customized employment as one of our fee-based services. Our employment specialists work closely with individuals and employers to:

  • develop individualized jobs and train employees
  • facilitate job accommodations
  • provide on-the-job coaching and ongoing follow-up and support
  • provide employer supports as requested

Allowing young adults to engage in meaningful work and establish independence is important to us at AADD. We would love to help your young adult find a job and get to work! Learn more.


A mock interview session during employment training.

AADD launched an initiative to raise awareness on the benefits of hiring individuals with developmental disabilities and to influence Georgia employers to take advantage of training programs, job creation counsel and other incentives so that they can benefit from this eager pool of talent. Learn more on www.HireAbilityGA.com.