AADD empowers individuals over the age of 18 living with developmental disabilities to build on their strengths and seek opportunities for a meaningful life through employment. We firmly believe that everyone has something that they are good at. We work with a range of developmental disabilities and can provide an assessment if work is an option or further training is needed.  We also work closely with a number of companies and always have more job openings than people to fill them.

Employment Services

AADD exclusively pursues minimum-wage and higher paid positions within inclusive community setting. Our employment services include:

  • Implementing supported employment and customized employment strategies
  • Assistance with resume development and interview preparation
  • Job readiness training
  • Working with employers to develop individualized jobs
  • Facilitating job adaptations/accommodations and training employees
  • Providing on-the-job coaching and ongoing support
  • Supporting the employer as requested

Frequently Asked Questions about employment services.

Fees for Private pay employment services:

  • $55/hr during the Discovery process

Discovery: An evaluation of the unique skills, interests, preferences, optimal work style, time-of-day work preferences, and other factors that will lead to a successful and rewarding work experience. Discovery includes interviewing the individual and relevant family members or other people who have knowledge of the individual’s strengths and preferences.

  • $45/hour during the Job Development phase

Job Development: Employment specialists develop individualized jobs based on a mutually beneficial relationship between the employer and job seeker. AADD fosters relationships with employers in an effort to procure potential positions that match the interests and skills of our participants.

  • $45/hour for on-site Job Coaching services

Job Coaching: One-to-one direction, support and training of individuals on the job site are offered to participants. Employment Specialists also communicate with employers to maintain rapport and open lines of communications to ensure proper supports are being provided.

In an effort to make employment services more accessible to individuals who do not have the means to pay for services, AADD provides a limited number of scholarships to individuals. These scholarships are funded by private donations and grants.

The stories of some of our employment successes:

Are You An Employer?

Visit our HireAbility Georgia campaign sight for the business case for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities.

Discover the business case for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities at our partner site The HireAbilityGeorgia campaign works with Georgia employers to discover the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and learn best practices for employment.