Customized Employment ServicesCustomized Employment

  • Discovery/Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation
    • Involves an evaluation of the unique skills, interests, preferences, optimal work style, time-of-day work preferences and other factors that will lead to a successful and rewarding work experience. Discovery includes interviewing the individual and relevant family or other individuals who have knowledge of the individual’s strengths and preferences.
  • Job Development
    • Employment Specialists develop individualized jobs based on a mutually beneficial relationship between the employer and job seeker. AADD forms new relationships as well as maintains existing relationships with employers in an effort to procure potential job sites that match the interests and skills of the individual.
  • Job Coaching
    • One-to-one direction, support and training of individuals on the job site are offered to participants. Employment Specialists also communicate with employers to maintain rapport and open lines of communication to ensure proper supports are being provided.
  • Follow-up
    • Once initial job coaching is completed and participant is acclimated to the tasks and culture of the organization, continuous communication and support is offered face-to-face or via phone conversation with employer and participant to verify if additional job coaching or support is needed.