There is one common thread that binds all individuals living with developmental disabilities: the desire to live a full, stable life, fully engaged in their family and community.  It’s a desire we all share, and a right AADD believes everyone deserves.

Our vision of community is one where everyone contributes and participates. Whether i01_Community-Engagement_Maint be activity groups, picnics, dances or coffees, we want people with developmental disabilities to be involved in the community sharing their gifts and talents so we can have a much richer, more colorful community where we are all included. To help see that vision come to life, AADD provides training, seeks the help of local volunteers and conducts awareness campaigns to help open people’s minds in regard to individuals with disabilities. We collaborate with many organizations throughout the state which share our vision and work hard at opening doors of inclusion for people with developmental disabilities.

Community Programs

  • All About Moms

    AADD’s All About Moms campaign educates the public about developmental disabilities and encourages people to reach out and help a mom raising a child with a disability.

  • Ambassador Program

    The Ambassador program is a unique leadership program designed to teach young adults between the ages of 20 to 30 with developmental disabilities to become active and influential leaders in their communities.