AADD is a results-driven organization.


    • AADD touches hundreds of families each year.
        • Supported more than 214 individuals to live independently in the community
        • Assisted 389 families in FY 2014 and 366 families in first 3 months of FY 2015 through our Family Support Center
        • Provided supported employment assistance including job readiness workshops, placement services and coaching for 92 individuals
        • Created and designed an inclusive activities club, including our first Bocce Ball League of 60 individuals
        • Provided workshops for 162 in FY 14 and 140 in the first 3 months of FY 2015 on issues such as special needs trusts, self-directed waivers, sexuality and parenting and person-centered planning
        • Helped 162 families in Q1 FY 2015 facing situations of transition such as aging out of high school, surviving aging parents and developing long-term plans for independent living
        • Engaged over 400 individuals in our annual Conversations That Matter
        • Trained 35 Partners in Policymaking
        • Provided holiday gifts and food for more than 82 families
        • Hosted the annual Legacy Breakfast with 200 attendees and 5 new corporate sponsors


Key measures of our impact:


    • 80% of individuals in our program achieve their Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) goals


    • 50% of families engaged in the Family Support Center report less stress in their lives


    • 50% of individuals desiring to work obtain a job


    • 85% of workshop attendees report they are better informed


    • 75% of Conversations That Matter attendees report they are more informed to engage in advocacy


    • 85% of training attendees report increased knowledge about developmental disabilities


    • Revenue goals achieved each year as per budget


    • 55% of revenue from private sources and earned income


    • 90% of trained volunteers engaged in organized activity or program


In 2016, we received a three-year accreditation from CARF, achieving the highest program and management standards for quality in family support, supported employment and management.