Our Mission

Our mission is to create options for a meaningful life with individuals and families living with developmental disabilities.

Our Promise

We believe in personal empowerment, family stability, inclusiveness, and community participation for those living with disabilities. We partner with individuals, family members, advocates, state and elected officials and other nonprofit organizations to make sure individuals with developmental disabilities have options and opportunities

We are committed to:

  • Combining direct service, advocacy and training in all that we do as an organization.  The combination brings perspective to the organization.  It keeps us engaged on needs from an individual, family, and community perspective.
  • Creating positive change in the organization even if it means changing the organization and spinning off programs or closing programs.  Staying relevant as the goals, values and outcomes change in the field and the community is important to us.
  • Helping people lead meaningful lives when they can achieve their personal goals, have meaningful relationships, work that matters and the housing, financial assistance and other support services to create that life.
  •  Serving the family as a whole unit so they all obtain quality of life.  All of our programs are designed with this philosophy in mind.
  •  Building an organization with public, private and fee-based income so we are here for the next fifty years.
  • Developing collaborations and partnerships with organizations, businesses and communities to extend our services, develop opportunities that might not otherwise exist and create increased awareness.