All About Developmental Disabilities (AADD) works with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to create options for a meaningful life. Founded in 1951 by a group of parents, and incorporated in 1956 as a 501 (c)(3) Georgia non-profit organization, AADD is one of the longest running agencies serving individuals with developmental disabilities in Georgia. Our programs and services are focused in three key areas: Family Support Services, Employment Services and Community Engagement.


Who we serve

We serve individuals with a developmental disability from any age three throughout their lifetime. We were founded and still are governed by parents of individuals with developmental disabilities. Our philosophy is to serve the entire family in a way that meets the needs and goals of the individual with the disability.



How We Serve

AADD empowers our participants to make informed choices and helps them build on their strengths to seek opportunities, resources and services for a meaningful life. Some programs focus on specific geographic areas and others are available statewide.

Family Support Services
Through a variety of services, programs, workshops and supports provided through our Family Outreach Services and Family Support Center,  we help families develop meaningful lives tailored  to their unique and individual situations.

Employment Services
AADD empowers individuals over the age of 18 living with developmental disabilities to secure employment that utilizes their individual strengths and creates opportunities for a better quality of life.

Community Engagement
Our Community Engagement programs promote an enhanced public understanding of developmental disabilities and foster inclusive communities in which individuals with developmental disabilities and their families can live, work and participate in a way that honors individual dignity.