AADD believes in empowering families living with developmental disabilities to make informed choices and helps them build on their strengths to seek opportunities, resources and services. We provide family support services, public policy and advocacy, and community engagement programs.

With more than 57 years of serving the community, AADD is one of the longest-serving organizations in metro Atlanta and Georgia. We have produced other great organizations such as the Bobby Dodd Institute and Nobis Works. We have over 600 graduates of our Partners in Policymaking acting as advocates at the Capitol and in their communities. Each year, we engage hundreds of people in Conversations That Matter sessions in five communities across the state, host community recreational events, workshops and support groups, and provide trainings on a range of topics.

Our mission is to create lifelong support, education and opportunities for children, adults and families living with developmental disabilities. We believe in personal empowerment, family stability and community participation for those living with disabilities. We partner with individuals, family members, advocates, state and elected officials and other nonprofit organizations to make sure individuals with developmental disabilities have futures full of options and opportunities.

What We Do

  • Family Support – We offer three programs that support individuals and their families living independently in the community. We help the whole family work towards independence, wellness and quality of life.
  • Public Policy and Advocacy – We believe in creating change and work as advocates to change policies, regulations, legislation and stereotypes in our communities.
  • Community Engagement – We provide training, support groups, workshops and volunteer opportunities to support community building and inclusive, aware communities.

Who we serve

We serve individuals from any age depending on the program. Our focus is on not only the individual, but the entire family. We were founded and still are governed by parents of individuals with developmental disabilities. Some programs focus on specific geographic areas and others are available statewide.

Our History

AADD was founded in 1951 by a group of parents seeking educational opportunities for their children and incorporated in 1956 as a school for children with developmental disabilities. We closed the school in the late 60’s when education legislation mandated programs for special needs students. We have worked on fetal alcohol syndrome, undertook programs for Model Cities and low-income families in Atlanta and helped found the ARC of Georgia, Nobis Works and Bobby Dodd Institute. We operated a thrift store for over 30 years and have always worked to listen to the community to identify emerging needs and how we could help. Learn more.