Students Host Birthday Party for AADD Participants

On April 11, students in the Program for Global Citizenship at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School sponsored and hosted a party for AADD participants who are children with March and April birthdays. The students raised funds to cover the cost of the party and treated the guests of honor and their families to a fun-filled evening of crafts, games, music, dancing and – of course – birthday cake! You can see from the photos below that everyone had a blast at the party. We are so honored that these students from Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School chose to share their time, talent and generosity with our participants.

One means of accomplishing AADD’s mission to create options for a meaningful life is to support the recognition of lifetime milestones, like birthdays. In a child’s life, the recognition of birthdays is important to their understanding of aging and maturity. We would like to provide more birthday celebrations throughout the year for children in our programs, many of whom are living in poverty and might not otherwise get a birthday party.

If you have a corporate, community, church, volunteer or other group interested in sponsoring and hosting an upcoming birthday party for AADD participants, please contact Debbie Peters at (770) 368-2076 or