Hobby Lobby Stock Boy Illustrates Employment Program Benefits

December 2015

Patrick, 25, is a thriving young adult who is interested in sports, plays basketball and has a girlfriend. Now, thanks to AADD, he also has a job. Patrick has Autism/Asperger’s syndrome and needed some extra support to help him prepare for and secure employment in his community. His family worked with an AADD employment specialist in the customized employment program to identify the type of work Patrick would have interest in, address the supports he needs to gain employment and facilitate the employment process.

Patrick at Hobby Lobby

Patrick enjoys working as stock boy for his local Hobby Lobby store.

Patrick had his heart set on working for Chick-Fil-A, but they weren’t hiring. The discovery process showed that Patrick needed a job where he could move around and not be confined to one place. He needed tasks that were repetitive, but not boring, so he could master the steps required and stay on task. Patrick mentioned how he enjoyed weight training in school and that he could lift heavy objects. He said he could handle a physical job and would be able to stand on his feet for a long shift

Patrick’s employment specialist contacted the Hobby Lobby manager to arrange an interview and get insight into the process. She helped Patrick prepare for the interview and assured the manager that she would support Patrick until he can manage the job independently. Patrick was offered a stock position just in time for the holiday season.

Patrick is a hard worker and does not goof off with the coworkers. He is dependable and will not call in sick or simply not show up. He works slow and steady the entire shift. A stock position allows him movement, physical challenges of lifting heavy items and occasionally directly helping customers.

There is always something to do at Hobby Lobby with stock. Putting new items out on shelves, opening packages, loading items into customer cars, bringing in shopping carts, and cleaning are just some of the things that keep Patrick busy. He has also loaded a lot of Christmas trees into vehicles.

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