National Disability Employment Month


While October is National Disability Employment Month, at AADD every month is focused on increasing employment options for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our team of employment specialist are working with close to 90 individuals with either job skills training, job creation and on-the-job coaching, with the ultimate goal of obtaining meaningful employment.

Some 80 percent of individuals with developmental disabilities are unemployed. Our team is dedicated to shrinking that number by increasing public awareness, working with potential employers, and helping individuals succeed. For some individuals, the NOW or COMP waiver helps cover the cost of employment services, others get assistance from Voc Rehab, but for far to many these services are covered out of pocket. AADD is raising funds to provide scholarships for more individuals to find employment, like Christopher. We shared Christopher’s story on the blog this summer and WSB-TV gave his story new life today. Watch and see the possibilities! Then support AADD’s employment program!

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