The First Step to Public Policy Advocacy

September 16, 2015

With advocating, there is no one way to influence meaningful change. As advocates we want to have as many weapons in our cache as possible.  Identifying and getting to know your legislators is just one avenue of advocating and a good first step into advocating for public policy change. 

So, how do you find out who your legislator is? How can you research his or her voting record on issues that will impact you the most?

In this day of technology, a vast majority of us are caring around mini computers in our purses, pockets and backpacks….our cell phones! That ADVOCACY highlighted in greenmeans you have all of this information at your finger tips! While you are standing in line at the grocery, you can educate yourself on the key issues and these important influencers.

Open States ( is a great tool to help you find out who your legislators are.  There is even an app for when you are on the go and not near a computer. Some of the things you can find on

  • Find your legislators, both your Senator and House of Representative
  • Contact Details
  • What committees they are on
  • And what bills they sponsor
  • It gives you a VoteSmart Bio which is a website that gives you more in-depth information

Every candidate and elected official, from President to local government ,can be easily and instantly accessed through, which includes voting records, biographical and contact information, issue positions, interest group ratings, public statements, and campaign finances.

The Georgia state senate website has a number of tools to help you get to know your representatives including A Picture Book with  pictures, contact information, and brief bios of all Senators and Representatives, as well as committee assignments and chairmanships, a calendar and daily updates during sessions.

The Georgia House of Representatives website provides bio and contact information for its member and has a Twitter feed.

You can also follow your representatives on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

There is a WEALTH of knowledge at your fingertips!! If we each stay informed and join voices to seek the services and supports our families need, we can make a difference! The next legislative session is in January, so now is the perfect time to become familiar and reach out to those who represent your community!

When the session is underway, AADD has a lobbyist that would gladly help you meet your legislator at the Gold Dome!  She can give you a tour, help you pull your legislator out of session, and give you a GREAT tour of the inner workings at the state Capital!

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