Meet Our Family Support Outreach Team

What is Family Support Outreach?

Family Support Outreach is a program that offers lifelong support and case management for individuals with developmental disabilities. AADD serves families in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, and Rockdale counties. Services include life skills training and resource coordination for families in crisis or needing assistance to live independently in their own homes due to their disability or that of someone in their home. Many families we serve live in poverty and face multiple challenges in their lives.

To be eligible for services the individual must:

  • Be three years of age or older
  • Diagnosed with a developmental disability or intellectual disability- must be approved by the state before services begins
  • Reside in Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Rockdale and Clayton

We have a team of outreach professionals that walk beside our participants helping them in a variety of ways, from securing safe housing, to providing transportation for grocery shopping and doctor appointments, to helping them meet individual goals such as learning to read or to find employment.

Family Support Outreach Managers

Overseeing this dedicated team of more than 30 Outreach Specialists are our Outreach Managers who provide direct supervision and training to ensure each participant attains a more meaningful life through progressive counseling, person-centered plans, individualized support goals, and engagement in community programs and activities. We’d like to introduce you to them.

Jesse Ireland

Jesse’s work experience spans over 12 years and includes nonprofit management, mental health advocacy and counseling, and educational and diversity consulting.

Jesse has an specific interest in helping children and adults attain an education (e.g. GED, College, and Trade/Technical) through mentoring and direct support.

Melvin Cohen

Melvin has experience serving populations with various conditions including developmental disabilities, behavioral health, substance abuse, homelessness, HIV/ AIDS, etc. Prior to joining AADD, Melvin served in a residential treatment facility in Savannah, provided life skills training at one of the oldest group homes in the United States, and provided case management services and supervision in Child Protected Services and Foster Care at the Georgia Department of Human Services.


Jesse Ireland, Family Support Outreach Manager

Melvin Cohen, Family Support Outreach Manager

Melvin Cohen, Family Support Outreach Manager

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