We Helped Quentices Get His Dream Job, Help Us Put Others To Work!

This is Quentices. It has been his dream to become a Crossing Guard. AADD helped make that happen.


This month some 1,300 young adults with developmental disabilities will graduate from high school and most will not have waiver funding for employment services. These adults are ready to move on to a new stage of life, but sadly many will end up in isolation at home on the couch.

They are ready, eager, and able to work. With support, they can find and enjoy meaningful employment.

Like Quentices.

IMG_0271The road to employment can best be facilitated by a structured employment services program which includes a discovery process, job development and training, and on-the-job coaching. During the discovery process with Quentices, AADD Employment Specialist Irene Gorham learned that Quentices, a young man living with cerebral palsy, had a strong desire to become a school crossing guard. A number of Quentices’ family members had jobs within the school system and Quentices wanted to be like them with a job in the world of education.

Irene says she never doubted that Quentices could do the job because “he  is a people person and he had a strong desire to do the job and show people that he can do just as well as anyone else.”

During the job development process, Irene approached Corporal Blakely, with the DeKalb County School Crossing Guard Program and told him she had a client who was interested in becoming a crossing guard. The corporal had an opening and interviewed Quentices the very next day. Irene accompanied Quentices to the interview where he had a chance to share why he wanted the job and why he thought he would be a good candidate. After the interview, the corporal submitted his recommendation to the HR department of DeKalb County schools for Quentices to be considered  for the crossing guard position.  By that Friday they offered him a job and scheduled him for orientation.

Quentices has been on the job for almost two months and is doing great. Irene spends about one hour a week providing ongoing job coaching to ensure his continued success. She says the school community really loves him and he enjoys his job tremendously.

AADD provides professional employment services to individuals who need customized and negotiated employment opportunities in the community. We offer: 

  • We offer waiver-based services for individuals Clayton, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett Counties as well as private pay employment services.
  • Private pay employment services at AADD cost $45/hr for job discovery process, $45/hour for job development services, and $25/hour for job coaching services.

In an effort to make these services more accessible to individuals who do not have the means to pay for services, AADD provides a limited number of scholarships to individuals.

The road to employment can include:

  • A two month discovery phase where an employment specialist works with an individual and his or her family to identify strengths and interests that correlate with jobs they would find of interest
  • Job training and job development
  • Job coaching once a position has been secured

Will you join us and  help a young person discover the work that has been set in his heart?

AADD is seeking to raise $50,000 by June 30 to help offset the cost of private pay employment services for young adults with developmental disabilities. Let’s get them to work!



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