Spring Renewal at AADD


The arrival of Spring finds us off to a great start  as we continue to expand our reach into the community through programs and services that provide individuals with developmental disabilities and their families the greatest opportunities to live independently in the community. From assisting with crisis situations such as homelessness or emergency medical care to cheers of encouragement from the sidelines of a ball game, AADD helps position individuals with developmental disabilities for successful, meaningful lives.

To get a glimpse behind the scenes, we wanted to share these reflections our Executive Director, Kathy Keeley, shared on Facebook earlier this month:

Today is a reminder of why I work for AADD. A staff member came to me at 2 pm saying they were stumped with a situation and needed help. A young woman with a developmental disability was being discharged from Grady and would be homeless. The Grady social worker was out of ideas and our participant had to be discharged today. Her mother died, she is in foster care, experienced sexual trauma with a new husband, runs away, and has many other issues. She cannot go back and she is new client in our employment and family support programs. Staff here went into high gear and got on the phone, which included many calls with social worker who held up discharge by asking pharmacy to fill prescriptions last so we could have more time to find something for tonight. After many calls, securing a place and losing a place, we found a place that would take her. It was someone we know and trust. We used our Emergency Aid money – donations from some of you and a foundation – to help get her a place to stay for the week. Staff left at 5 for Grady to pick her up at discharge, take her to the care home and make sure she was safe for the night. Tomorrow, we will build the 30 day plan and then the 6 month plan to get her the supports she needs. She is one of 8,000 on the waiting list for services in our state. I work with great people who care and go the extra mile for people every day. We will all sleep better tonight knowing we moved mountains to make sure one person was not homeless and lost.

Thank you for your donations and support so that we can be of help in situations such as these.

LiveWell4Life Hiking Cllub at AADD

Our LiveWell4Life group on a weekly hike around town this Spring.

The arrival of Spring also means that our LiveWellForLife group is out and about get fit in the community. Here is a group with our Wellness Manager, Michael Stinson exploring nature at Mason Mills Park.

We also have kicked up our Bocce program in Roswell, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek and Woodstock. Until late Fall, on any given week you can find a game to join in!

Happy Spring!


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