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Gene Conner, poet

Thirty year old Gene Conner started writing poetry when he was about sixteen. Like many poets before him, the impetus of his prose was a broken heart. What makes Gene unique is he has an intellectual impairment from a traumatic brain injury. Gene, who is a participant in AADD’s Bocce league, has not let his brain injury slow him down.

“In 2002, I met a girl named Laura who inspired most of my poetry. I wrote for one reason, for her to feel special,” said Gene. “I figure if I can write poetry, then anyone can.”

Filled with creativity, Gene has published three books of poetry, Love Makes a World of Difference (2006), Sometimes Love Can Hurt (2006), and Love is a Mystery (2008). Gene has also written a novel called Immortal Love under pen name Christopher Conner, which is available on Amazon. Currently, Gene is working on a book of Christian poetry titled “My Walk to the Find the Light.” 

The following is a poem Gene wrote for Valentine Day on behalf of a friend.

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air. (4)

Love is in the Air by Gene Conner, 2009

Love is in the air.
It is that time of the year.
Lovers holding hand and making plan.
Wedding bells ring in the air.
Love is in the air
and it is falling
all around us.
People falling in
love all the time.
Love is in the air
and you can
see it in the way
the world looks
at this time.
Love is in the air and it is that time again.
Valentine day is here.
Love is in the air
and the wind is
carrying in whatever
direction is blowing.
Let it take hold of you.
Valentine time is here and love is in the air.

Gene Conner
February 13, 2009

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